Bojan Gvozderac
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In a Nutshell

Optimist. Critical Thinker. Minimalism. Quality. Value. Constant Learner. Open Minded. Geek. Software Developer. Web Developer. JavaScript. Consulting. Blogger. Vlogger. Teacher. Gamer. Basketball. Tennis. Guitar Player. Travel. Friend to All Animals.


I'm a quality and value centric software developer who always aims to create the best possible product.
I specialize in JavaScript and it's supporting tooling alongside HTML and CSS.
Whenever possible I prefer using pure JavaScript, HTML and CSS but for complex projects I'll use an advanced tech stack like React / Vue, SCSS and TypeScript, all of which I have experience in.

I wrote my first line of code in 2004. and I switched to JavaScript in 2007. and I've been a happy JavaScript developer ever since.

Early in my web development career I've worked mainly on presentational web sites with a designer on the front-end where I learned a lot about UI and UX, this helped me immensely to understand how an end user interacts with a software product and how to build software for people.

Now I'm a full stack JavaScript developer which means I build the front end client side web app using React or Vue and also the back end server side using Node.js.


Less is more. Simple is better.
My philosophy is one about minimalism, simplicity and critical thinking.
Stripping away the unnecessary makes it easier to see the value in anything.
When it comes to work it means you will never invest in unnecessary things which in turn leads to quality where it matters the most.

I think it's very important for any professional to continuously improve and refine their craft, that is why I make it a prority to find and process quality material daily.

As a Hobby I like to try out programming languages fundementaly different than JavaScript.
Often concepts learned from other languages can be applied in JavaScript resulting in better code quality and value.


I'm an avid reader.
Be it books about technical topics / software development, business books, self improvement or simply great works of literature, as well as any interesting blog post or online article I can get my hands on.

I enjoy writing blog posts about a variety of topics but mostly about software development and my favourite programming language - JavaScript.

I take great pride in sharing my knowledge that is why Iwas a teacher in a local JavaScript School,I mentor junior developers and I speak at JavaScript related events.

When I'm looking for physical activities I like to workout or play a few games of basketball or tennis.