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Bojan Gvozderac
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Please note that my resume in its current form has been edited and stripped of a lot of experiences and projects to be easier to read and communicate better what experiences I find most valuable / relevant.

If you'd like to get to know me better and my career journey feel free to reach out on the contact page.


Position: Senior Mobile Developer
Manager: Offer Sharabi, Marcin Gardas
Team: Management Team


  • Goal 1: Wrap Web App with Capacitor
  • Goal 2: Launch Employee App
  • Goal 3: Launch Inventory Management App
  • Goal 4: Over-The-Air Updates and Automatic Deployments
  • Goal 5: Create and launch Kiosk app


As the main mobile dev for a while when I started I was in charge of wrapping the existing web app with Capacitor so it can be run as a native app on Android and iOS, preparing native Android and iOS configurations and code for App Store submission, launching employee app, launching inventory management app, building from scratch and launching kiosk app, setting up CodePush over-the-air updates so we can release updates without having to go through app store review process, configuring push notifications for OneSignal, PubNub and SendBird providers and consulted team on various aspects of mobile app development and best practises.

Project 1

Contributions: Wrapping web app with Capacitor framework so it can be run as a native mobile app for Android and iOS
Scope: Adding Capacitor framework to the project and configuring it so it runs on mobile devices
Impact: Wrapping the web app with Capacitor significantly decreased the development time of mobile apps since the web app was responsive and required just tweaks instead of having to develop mobile apps from scratch for both Android and iOS

Project 2

Contributions: Preparing App Store Submissions
Scope: Google Play and Apple App Store app entries, native Gradle and Xcode configurations
Impact: Because we prepared our app store entries and configured our apps for launch ( e.g. permission strings ) launching both employee and inventory management app went as smooth as possible

Project 3

Contributions: Launching Employee App
Scope: Mobile side of making employee facing web app run as a native app on mobile devices
Impact: Nory’s existing employee facing web solution was now running on users native devices making it a lot easier to use and interact with the platform

Project 4

Contributions: Launching Inventory Management App
Scope: Mobile side of making inventory management app run as native app on mobile devices
Impact: Nory’s inventory management solution launched for mobile devices making it a lot easier to use the new product

Project 5

Contributions: Setting up CodePush for over-the-air updates
Scope: Mobile apps, AppCenter configurations
Impact: Having to go through the app store review process every time we wanted to update the apps meant that our users were getting improvements and bug fixes with a delay, by pushing updates via CodePush we speed up our mobile app release flow and save a lot of frustration for our users who are waiting for features and bug fixes

Project 6

Contributions: Setting up Push Notifications
Scope: Mobile apps, OneSignal SDK, PubNub SDK, SendBird SDK
Impact: With push notifications we made sure our users were informed about important events in our app even while not actually using the app, e.g. received a new instant message or their holiday request was approved

Project 7

Contributions: Created and Launched Kiosk app
Scope: Created UI for a stand-alone Kiosk app that used existing API endpoints from employee app to streamline location based clock-ins / outs
Impact: Kiosk app that would use a static location was a requirement many Nory clients were asking for, I’m very proud to say that having the Kiosk app resulted in a lot of new client sign on’s and a most existing clients also started using it!

Collaboration & mentorship

  • Onboarded a new mobile dev to the mobile project and introduced to all mobile relevant topics
  • Presented mobile app build flow and over-the-air updates in front of the internal Nory team
  • Explained mobile specific issues and solutions to web / backend devs or anyone interested

Design & documentation

Documented mobile app build flow and over-the-air updates

What I learned

I learned how to wrap a web app with Capacitor framework and run it as a native mobile app
I learned how to integrate OneSignal, PubNub and SendBird JavaScript SDK’s

Nory kiosk app store link

Nory inventory management google play link
Nory inventory management app store link

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Nory team app store link

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