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Bojan Gvozderac
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Please note that my resume in its current form has been edited and stripped of a lot of experiences and projects to be easier to read and communicate better what experiences I find most valuable / relevant.

If you'd like to get to know me better and my career journey feel free to reach out on the contact page.


Position: Senior React Native Developer
Manager: Sacha de Rosner
Team: Mobile Guild


  • Goal 1: Develop new features for the mobile app
  • Goal 2: Improve our user NPS score
  • Goal 3: Make our mobile app the primary way our users interact with the Werkspot platform
  • Goal 4: Drive mobile initiatives as president of mobile guild
  • Goal 5: Refine interview process for mobile team candidates
  • Goal 6: Direct App feedback sessions with our users
  • Goal 7: Manage app store releases


At Werkspot I was supposed to join as a web developer but decided on switching to the mobile team and picking up React Native, thanks to the incredible team I was a part of I started contributing within weeks

I worked on the mobile app which was already live but needed more work done and more features added. In addition, as part of the mobile guild and later the president of it, I drove initiatives how to improve our internal team processes and deliver the best possible mobile app for our users

We also tracked our users satisfaction when using the app ( Net Promoter Score - NPS ) and during my tenure at Werkspot I saw positive impact in this area

One of our main goals was to make the mobile app the primary way service professionals use the Werkspot platform and I’m happy to say that during my period at Werkspot we saw an increase from 37% to 59% app adoption metric

Project 1

Contributions: Develop new features for the mobile app
Scope: React Native for our Android and iOS apps
Impact: Adding new features and refining old ones lead to an increase in app adoption vs web

Project 2

Contributions: Drove mobile app initiatives as president of the mobile guild
Scope: Mobile app
Impact: As the president of the mobile guild I was tasked with maintaining and prioritizing our backlog ( with consensus from the other mobile devs, of course ), keeping track of task progress and organizing mobile guild meetings when required

Project 3

Contributions: Refining interview process
Scope: Mobile team
Impact: We had a basic interview process when I joined and it needed some more thought put in to it, I contributed my years of experience and what I found to be the most effective way to make good hiring choices and I’m happy to report that the new and improved process lead to a few very good hires

Project 4

Contributions: App feedback sessions with users
Scope: Mobile team
Impact: It is very important to hear directly from your users that is why we had direct feedback sessions with our users where we can talk face to face and find out what they like and don’t like about the app, this lead to several initiatives that increased our net promoter score with our users

Project 5

Contributions: Managing app store releases
Scope: Mobile app
Impact: Managing app store releases included syncing with other devs to compile a list of things that are going to be released, talking to QA to make sure testing passed for the release and finally talking to marketing to get release notes - all of this lead to all of our releases being an improvement compared to the previous one

Collaboration & mentorship

  • Collaborated with other mobile devs
  • Worked with designers when refining new features
  • Worked with project owners to refine and prioritize new features
  • Collaborated with my manager to further develop my skillset

Design & documentation

Documented mobile app styleguide and internal team processes.

What I learned

I learned how to use React Native to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS.

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